Mrs. Vilma: “My church says it’s forbidden, that TV has the image of the beast”

Mrs. Vilma took time to get to know the television because, until she was 20, she lived in a city in the interior of Bahia (Brazil) that had no electricity.

After a few years, she became evangelical and failed to follow TV, at the request of her church. At most, she allows herself to watch the news programs. “My church says it’s forbidden, that TV has the image of the beast, because it takes people’s attention,” she said.

While she respects the opinion of her church, she does not agree with the decision because it says that television can only draw attention if people allow it. In addition, it is against the idea that people of the Protestant religion should not have television at home, defended by many members of their church. “If your husband and children are not evangelicals, what are we going to do about it? Are you going to throw away the television? No, you can not!”, she criticized.

For Mrs. Vilma, news programs, despite showing good things, also exhibit many things that upset her, such as murder-related topics. “There’s something we can not even watch”, she said.

Even without watching television broadcasts often, she discards the idea of ​​not having a TV set at home: “How come you have a room that does not have a TV, does it have a sound? How is that room going to be? It’s horrible!”, she said.

Interview: Intermídia Cidadã (Fundação Tide Setubal)

Excerpt from: Feitosa, Deisy Fernanda. A televisão na era da convergência digital das mídias. Uma reflexão sobre a comunicação comunitária [tese]. São Paulo: , Escola de Comunicações e Artes; 2015 [citado 2018-07-25]. doi:10.11606/T.27.2015.tde-24112015-101553.)

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