Mrs. Nininha: “A house without television does not have brightness”

Mrs. Nininha said she likes watching soap operas very much, but complained about the bad things of the villains. She was emphatic about what she does not like on TV: “I’m sad to see such outrageous things happening: kidnapping, rape, so many bad things … I do not like it, I’d rather forget it.”

For her, the police program of the Brazilian presenter José Luiz Datena is one of those that most bother her.

She told us what her programming would look like if she owns a TV channel: “On my channel I wanted to have only good things: good people doing good to others, no bad guys, besides I would have soap operas, movies and a TV news”.

Mrs. Nininha also said that a house without television does not have “brightness”, and this causes people to be uninformed. “Without TV the life is stopped, you do not hear anything, you do not see anything.”

On her television set, she said she’s old and has no intention of changing it. “My TV is simple, old-fashioned, big and heavy. While it’s working, I will not change it.”


Interview: Intermídia Cidadã (Fundação Tide Setubal)

Excerpt from: 
Feitosa, Deisy Fernanda. A televisão na era da convergência digital das mídias. Uma reflexão sobre a comunicação comunitária [tese]. São Paulo: , Escola de Comunicações e Artes; 2015 [citado 2018-07-25]. doi:10.11606/T.27.2015.tde-24112015-101553.)

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