Mrs. Maria de Lourdes: “Without television the house is empty, there is only silence”

As Mrs. Maria de Lourdes has a minor daughter, she said that she is very careful because on TV there are many things that a child can not watch on TV, such as issues that deal with violence and “the miseries that happen around the world” . She said that all this is very bad for the development of children’s minds, and that even with all the care of the parents, sometimes they end up watching some things.

Still, for Maria de Lourdes, living without television does not make sense. “I wake up, I leave my room and I turn on the television, I need to have something talking to me, without television the house is empty, there is only silence,” she observes.

Interview: Intermídia Cidadã (Fundação Tide Setubal)

Excerpt from: Feitosa, Deisy Fernanda. A televisão na era da convergência digital das mídias. Uma reflexão sobre a comunicação comunitária [tese]. São Paulo: , Escola de Comunicações e Artes; 2015 [citado 2018-07-25]. doi:10.11606/T.27.2015.tde-24112015-101553.)

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