Mr Alberto: “My TV channel would show romantic programs”

Mr. Alberto said that he is tired of what he sees in television news, but that he still watches them because he needs to stay inside what happens in Brazil. “You are going to watch the newspaper, but in ten themes presented, only two or three please, the rest speak only of death, beatings of women, etc.,” he complains.

He criticized the news approaches that privilege people from social classes and high academic levels: “When the news speaks of an intellectual, a politician, a man with many assets, the story is told only in part. However, when it is about a poor, from the periphery, it destroys the person. The news programs speak even more than they should speak”.

Mr. Alberto said that he still has not given up hope, and dreams of something different from what he sees on TV. He tells us what his TV channel would look like: “My TV channel would show romantic programs that would speak only about love and poetry. I would show loving and beautiful stories of love that you see in movies because they do happen in real life My channel would not speak of who killed, who stole, who did evil to anyone, only good things. ”

Interview: Intermídia Cidadã (Fundação Tide Setubal)

Excerpt from: Feitosa, Deisy Fernanda. A televisão na era da convergência digital das mídias. Uma reflexão sobre a comunicação comunitária [tese]. São Paulo: , Escola de Comunicações e Artes; 2015 [citado 2018-07-25]. doi:10.11606/T.27.2015.tde-24112015-101553.)

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