Mrs. Deise: “TV is a distraction, a company of everyday life”

Dona Deise assumes: “My husband says I’m an addicted to soap opera. I really am. I do everything, but at the time of my soap opera… ” (laughs)

Dona Deise likes to watch TV news to hear the news from Brazil and the world.

About the soap operas, she prefers to see scenes of peaceful dialogues within families, to solve questions that are part of the daily life of real life. She appreciates the scenes in which she sees a change of affection between the characters, but she complains about the influence of the soap operas on the “bratty behavior of today’s children” and the “exaggerations” in the news of the TV when they bring themes of crime. According to her, they reproducing sometimes what they see.

Dona Deise said that if she owned a TV channel, her channel programming would have contents dedicated to young people, health and soap operas (“I had to have my little soap opera” – laughs).

She said she can not even imagine her routine without the television because the TV is for her a distraction, a company everyday life. “Without television, I would have to look for something else that I liked,” she says.


Interview: Intermídia Cidadã (Fundação Tide Setubal)

Excerpt from: 
Feitosa, Deisy Fernanda. A televisão na era da convergência digital das mídias. Uma reflexão sobre a comunicação comunitária [tese]. São Paulo: , Escola de Comunicações e Artes; 2015 [citado 2018-07-25]. doi:10.11606/T.27.2015.tde-24112015-101553.)

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